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Being a servant is one of the most important lessons for Christians to learn. We have learned in our spiritual journey that this Master, Whom we serve, is unlike any other. He has our greatest interests at heart. He encourages us through our servant hood to be all that we can be and then gives us His own Holy Spirit to empower us to become so. He makes us full, complete human beings filled with His own image. In His service, as sisters and brothers in Christ, we become more of whom He created us to be. What a privilege it is to serve Him, Lutheran Women in Mission!
I thank Jesus Christ our Lord, who has given me strength, that He considered me faithful,

appointing me to his service….
1 Timothy 1:12
Gracious God, grant us, Your servants, every spiritual gift necessary to complete our tasks in harmony with Your plans for us and for the LWML. Lead us to discover our greatest potential as well as our limitations. Help us accept the humanity of one another. Most of all, instill in all of us daily dependence on You, our loving Father. Amen. 

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